New soybean cultivars were introduced by Embrapa to improve the yield of soybean and control damage caused by root-knot nematode. Among the varieties developed by Embrapa recommended for planting in the South Central region of the country are the glyphosate tolerant varieties such as those developed by Embrapa Soja (Londrina, PR) and Embrapa Trigo (Passo Fundo, RS).

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Transgenic bean developed by Embrapa is approved in Brazil

This is the first transgenic plant that is totally produced by public institutions.

Brasília, 15 de setembro de 2011 – The National Technical Commission on Biosafety (CTNBio) approved today the genetically modified (GM) bean resistant to the golden mosaic virus, the worst enemy of this crop in Brazil and in South America.

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Extra achtergrond omtrent dit onderwerp, het nut en hoe en waarom vind je hier.

Op de foto zie je bovenaan de genetisch gemanipuleerde en onderaan de met het mosaic virus geïnfecteerde planten.